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Our Resume'

Your Legal Document Specialist has an AA degree in police science, criminal justice, from Los Angeles City College and attended College of the Desert, Palm Desert, California, studying to become a paralegal.

20 years experience in Law Enforcement led him to realize that a vast majority of the laymen need help traversing the legal system.. Serving You Since 1989, he has been using his knowledge of the law and experience to help people understand that system and it's procedures.

His paralegal experience and performance has been polished, to render the best possible service, through the vast amount of time spent in court proceedings and other legal venues. Many years of service to the people of his community, San Bernardino County, has encouraged him to expand his practice to all counties of California.

While spending a great amount of time in the court rooms and consulting with his clients, the primary goal is education. Keeping abreast of new laws and procedures to assure you that the process won't get in the way of justice.

"My ambition, is to help average people navigate the complex legal system."