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Our Fees & Services

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Affordable Paralegal, California LDA #137 is a Registered Process Server (#1107) in San Bernardino County for the State of California and a Registered Unlawful Detainer Assistant (#40) in San Bernardino County

Our Services and Fees Include but are not limited to the following:

Don't be Misled by Special Pricing, Installment Plans or other, "So Called" Bargains.
Case by Case and Dollar for Dollar Our Flat Rate Fees are the Best Value You'll Find!

We also supply affordable service for:

Request For Orders



Spousal Support

Child Support

Child Custody



At issue memorandum

Property settlement

Subpoenas and duces tecum

Findings and order after hearing

Judgment and restraining order

Legal Name Change

If you don't find the services you require, we probably have the expertise but not the space to list our entire repertoire. Submit an Evaluation Form to request information on other services.
Filing Fees can and do change without notice. Fee waivers are available for low income persons. Our charges include All copies.